Well Rounded Kitchen is the result of months of research, brainstorming, concept development, trial and error, and refinement.
Erin developed an interest in health and food several years ago. Reading books, blogs, and watching documentaries about the food industry became a hobby, and her findings lead her to adopt a more plant-based approach to diet. From there, it became her goal to educate others on the benefits (health, environmental, humanitarian, and more) of eating a more plant-based diet. Erin realized that it's especially important to educate children, and ultimately, families, on this topic.
The mission behind Well Rounded Kitchen was to offer this education in a simple, fun, engaging, and cost-effective way, encouraging families to cook at home while getting kids more involved in the process. For her thesis, Erin designed the packaging for a reusable metal lunchbox, filled with educational products including a plant-based recipe book, reusable grocery scavenger hunt sheet, educational card game, and child-size apron with one of the Well Rounded Kitchen fruit or vegetable mascots on the front. These products are all bundled up inside a reusable grocery tote bag, featuring the logo and main mascot, Kenny the Carrot.
Character Illustration
Company mascot, Kenny the Carrot
Poster Design
Hand-Drawn Font Design
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