"Erin is my go-to graphic designer. I managed her as a marketing manager on a remote team and quickly got a sense for her professionalism and talent. Since then, I've referred her out to numerous clients and I've hired her to help me design assets for my own copywriting business. She's a gem! Not only is she great at modern and clean-looking graphic design, but she also pursues other creative and entrepreneurial passions, such as illustration and ecommerce. I'm a fan of her passion and drive!" 
— Dayana Mayfield, Freelance Copywriter & Digital Strategist

"Erin quickly became a valued and trusted partner due to her consistency. She delivers a top notch design time and time again. She excels at all forms of communication, and her attention to detail is extraordinary. A true professional!" 
— Amanda Calhoun, Marketing Director, Wepa

"Erin has shown me that as a small business you can still grow while maintaining your essence. I did not realize how much I needed someone like her until she came along, and now I can't imagine her not being part of the team at Uniquely Pure. I would highly recommend Erin to everyone. Her honesty shines through her work. She is genuine and wishes whomever she is working with success. I can trust her and with business that is the most important part in building your team." 
— Kelly Mayville, Owner, Uniquely Pure

"Finding a talented designer to work with is every marketer's dream. Erin is clever, modern and flawless. She inherently understands a company's goals and brand, yet she weaves in opportunities to expand the visual horizons. I give her my highest recommendation." 
— Jennifer Brown, Founder, JB Marketing

"Our experience working with Erin has been nothing short of incredible. Her knowledge of graphic design, her ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively, and her strong time management skills made her an asset to our team. Erin's creativity allows her to bring ideas to life and she quickly understands other's visions. Her prompt service and courteous work ethic are also factors in making all projects she works on a great success. I would strongly recommend working with Erin, and look forward to continuing to work with her on future projects." 
— Jaclyn Grossman, Program Director & Creator, CMI Leadership Summit
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