So you’re in the saturated wellness market, trying to make a difference and execute your purpose with passion — yet you’re struggling to get traction. 

Maybe due to limited capital, you paid a small fee for a simple logo to get your name out there fast, but now your business has outgrown that logo. 
Maybe you have a good eye for design and have been wearing the graphic designer hat, but now that your company has grown, there are better uses of your skills and your limited time.
Maybe your branding hasn’t been attracting the right kind of consumer, and your look needs a revamp that will translate into sales.
Maybe you’re just getting started and want to make sure the job of brand identity design is done right, right from the start.

This is where I come in.
My creative mind and the skill set that I had in my early years naturally led me into the visual design field. Since then I have continued to harness my creative strategy and design abilities. Along the way I narrowed in on a target audience that I’m most excited to support, as I discovered my other passion — health and wellness! I’m as passionate about wellness and fulfilling one’s life purpose as you are. Fun fact: I’m also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and the creator of the wellness and lifestyle brand Well & Free.
As an owner of two businesses and a creative who has been working in the realm of brand identity design for 7+ years, I understand the importance of standing out visually in the wellness space — so that you can attract the right customers and ultimately improve lives and wellbeing, in the unique way that you do
I value from firsthand experience what that moment feels like — when you land on a visual identity that just clicks, bringing your mission and purpose to life in a tangible way. If I could bottle that feeling, I would! What I can do is help you experience that feeling for yourself.
I offer brand identity design packages that will set your business apart in the ever-growing wellness space. Fill out the contact form for a custom quote using the button below:
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