Hi! My name is Erin. I'm a Visual Designer + Creative Strategist with many creative interests, but above all I enjoy bringing a brand to life through design wizardry. My focus is brand identity design & strategy that will set you apart. This isn't just about making things pretty (which I do, fabulously) — it's about creating a unique, authentic and enjoyable brand experience from a strategy built just for you. This may include a logo design, website, print and digital marketing pieces, packaging and more — as long as from beginning to end it's a cohesive and visually wonderful experience for your audience.
Want to know more? 
Here's a little background about me:
I've had an interest in visual design from the moment I could crawl, flipping through magazines even as a mere one year old to look at the pictures and how the pages were laid out.
I fell easily into my creative mother's footsteps, taking an interest in drawing, painting and graphic design. I also took after my songwriter father's knack for writing (always a blessing when it comes to writing my own copy or proofreading a client's). In the eighth grade, I won a spot in my local newspaper's "Faces of the Future" article for my artistic capabilities — a moment that was symbolic of what my future would hold.
In 2015 I graduated with my Bachelor of Design from Toronto's OCAD University and immediately kicked off a freelance career as a Graphic Designer. What started as small gigs for friends and family turned into referrals from happy customers, expanding my network — to my excitement — to include clients in the United States and Europe.
This career is a humbling one because it is ever-changing and as a designer it's my responsibility to keep up. Nearly every day I'm challenged with a problem I haven't faced before, constantly flexing my creative brain to come up with novel solutions and ideas.
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