Well & Free is my passion project focused on nutrition, health and wellness. I've had a passion for food and how it affects our health for many years, so following this interest I enrolled in a part-time, online nutrition consulting program with Alive Academy (completed in December of 2020). With this knowledge I have spent hours experimenting in my kitchen and creating delicious recipes to share with my community, sprinkled with some health and nutrition tips here and there for good measure.
While food is extremely important, I also believe that health comes down to more than which foods we choose to fuel ourselves with. Good overall health is a culmination of a healthy body, mind, and soul. This is accomplished through effective stress management, joyful physical activity, healthy and nutritious foods, having fun, getting quality sleep and hydration, personal growth efforts, and feeling safe and comfortable communicating openly with others. Well & Free focuses on food but also a holistic view of what a healthy lifestyle can look like.

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