EgoTrip is not just a beautifully designed line of hair and body products formulated for dry skin and natural kinks and curls — it's a lifestyle. EgoTrip's mission is to normalize clean, plant-based products for those who have dry skin and hair, encouraging customers to love who they naturally are, unapologetically. Inspired by the limited availability of ethnic hair products and effective dry skin products in stores, EgoTrip's goal is to make hydrated skin and hair more accessible.
The brand identity centres around the concept of travel—for the ego to take a "trip." The letter O in the wordmark has been transformed into a globe, which also resembles a sunset over water. As an ode to the natural ingredients found in the products, the layers are broken down into sun, sky, water and earth. The edges of this symbol are unrefined and wavy, like thick strands of hair.
Colours are vibrant, uplifting and reminiscent of a tropical and lush destination. The font is simple and bold, with plenty of room to breathe. Imagery incorporates individuals with luscious hair and plenty of sass, mixed with shots of natural environments, textures and patterns.
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