Ava & Ziva is a new sustainable feminine clothing brand. The line is designed by a woman for those who identify as womxn, with the mission of empowering them to glow from within through clothing that elevates confidence. 
The founder and designer, Christa, approached us with a particular vision of what Ava & Ziva should look like, seeking our expertise to bring that vision to life. After gaining a deep understanding of Christa's mission and values for her new clothing brand, along with the aesthetic she had in mind, executing on her vision was a seamless process.
The A&Z brand identity is feminine and empowered, airy yet structured, delicate yet strong. There are elements of whimsy and melancholy, designed to inspire slowing down and savouring life's little moments, with a smile that boasts humble confidence.  
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"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Erin! She took the time to understand my vision for the branding but also my vision for the company to perfectly encapsulate the look and feel of Ava & Ziva. When I saw the branding for the first time, I became teary — it was everything I could imagine and more! Outside of being an amazing designer, she is just an incredibly kind human and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Erin for all branding or graphic design projects."
— Christa Plumley, CEO, Ava & Ziva
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