Hi there!
I'm so happy you stumbled upon my website. Here's the lowdown: I'm a Graphic Designer who works with diverse companies and individuals on innovative and creative solutions, with a focus on social good.
The goal is to design intentionally, conscientiously and with positive impact in mind. I aim to work on projects that will aid in one of the following main areas: education & skill-building, community, social & environmental responsibility, and innovations that improve quality of life.
My passion for bringing brands and ideas to life using colours, typography, illustration and captivating graphic elements started long ago, when I was only around 11 years old. My biggest strength and passion in design today is capturing a brand's essence and expressing it visually. The main services I offer include brand identity and logo design, illustration, art direction, brand strategy and research, as well as general print and digital design.
What makes my company different is that efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of my design processes, by consuming the smallest amount of resources and energy possible and supporting local and like-minded companies whenever I can.
While I'm based in Toronto, the clients I work with range from here in TO, the West and East coasts of the United States, and all the way to the U.K.!
Sound like we would work well together? Let's get in touch!
"Erin is incredibly reliable, trustworthy and talented."
– Jennifer Brown, Founder, jbmarketing
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