Wepa is a U.S. based, fixed cost, print-from-anywhere, cloud printing solution at Colleges and Universities. Their wide range of printing devices, including a wheelchair accessible device, are making it easier and more affordable for students to print.
As the cherry on top, their paper consumption is certifiably reforested through Print Releaf + Wepa's "You print one, we'll plant one" initiative.

One of several case studies designed for Wepa, showcasing their success at various U.S. based Colleges and Universities — this case study in particular features the University of Oklahoma.

This multi-page guide was designed to illustrate the problem with free printing (mainly, the detriment to the environment), and how to campaign for change by setting printing quotas for students. The guide was broken down into digestible sections through the use of section dividers, typographical hierarchy and the use of imagery such as photos and icons.

This image is one of many screensavers designed to make the initial printing process easier for Wepa users, with clear information and a call to action at the bottom of the screen.

The above image was part of a series of social media ads designed to promote Wepa's Educause 2017 event.

"Erin quickly became a valued and trusted partner due to her consistency. She delivers a top notch design time and time again. She excels at all forms of communication, and her attention to detail is extraordinary. A true professional!"
– Amanda Calhoun, Marketing Director, Wepa
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