Robbie the Robot Learns to Read was a very creative and exciting project to work on — and rewarding when I received my own printed copy of the book! 

My role in the creation of the educational board book was illustrating the storyline from start to finish, including the front and back covers. The book was written by Noah Waisberg, co-founder and CEO of Kira Systems, and edited by other team members at Kira.

The concept behind the book: "As co-founder and CEO of the machine learning contract analysis company, Kira Systems, Noah found himself explaining the basics of machine learning over and over again. Meanwhile, he had a son, then another, and spent lots of time reading to them. From this, Noah got the idea for this simple book, and with the help of his coworkers (including three with Ph.Ds in computer science) and family, Robbie the Robot Learns to Read was created."

The synopsis: "Robbie the Robot has a problem: he yearns to read, but doesn't know how. Robbie's quest to pick up this skill isn't just plot, some 350 rhyming words, and cute illustrations: it serves as an example of how machine learning works. As far as we can tell, it is the first and only children's book on machine learning."
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