MavSocial is a visual social media management platform based out of San Francisco. Their platform offers a variety of tools, with the overall scope of social media publishing and digital asset management.

As MavSocial's Graphic Designer, I work alongside the Marketing Manager in creating stunning visual content—for the website, social media platforms and other marketing channels—that both communicate effectively and appeal to a variety of audiences.
I work regularly with the Marketing Manager on visual content for MavSocial's social media presence and website, such as blog post headers and images for Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. The examples shown combine quirky illustration, irregular shapes, vibrant stock photography and uplifting colour palettes—all part of MavSocial's new brand identity.
A brochure for one of MavSocial's specialized products, MavSocial Enterprise. The challenge here was striking a balance between the company's more corporate side and their new, youthful look. The use of gray and red and the organized text appeal to their corporate consumer, while the contemporary layout appeals to the B2B consumer.  
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