Lost in Samsara is a sweet female duo from the UK, with a dream to "jump off the hamster wheel" of using disposable, unsustainable products from big box stores, and instead to help empower crafters of all kinds in various developing countries by offering a fair price for their products. These beautiful, handmade products are available on their new Shopify website(Please note: some changes have since been made to the look of the website by the client)
Samsara is a Sanskrit word, meaning the "cycle of aimless wandering and mundane existence" that the owners and co-founders of Lost in Samsara found themselves in. This awakening, and the many admirable qualities of the company and its founders were not justified by their previous branding.

The colour scheme was given an energetic boost, and the typography was made more custom, unique and simple. The logo received a complete facelift, using a hand-drawn and perfectly imperfect (like their products) lotus flower—a metaphor for Lost in Samsara being a beautiful breath of fresh air in a muddy pond of mass produced goods. And finally, merging their website and e-commerce platform and bringing it all over to Shopify creates an easier, more streamlined customer experience.

Lost in Samsara mission badge. Guaranteed goodness all around is right!

Lost in Samsara works with various hand-selected, certified fair trade partners in several countries. These partners work tirelessly "to be the change they wish to see in the world; empowering the most disadvantaged people on the planet by providing them with vocational training and fair wages." Buying from Lost in Samsara provides support to their partners and truly transforms their lives.
Website and branding before the redesign.
Website and branding after the redesign.
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