Better Life Project

Better Life Project is a new and exciting business venture with one of my long-time best friends Natasha. It all started when I asked Natasha—a Ryerson business major with a knack for design—to collaborate on a creative project... 

After repeatedly struggling to find a planner she truly loved, we decided to create one ourselves. Our day planner, at first a passion project just for the two us, ended up selling out!

Going forward, we're looking to further expand our business—which we've established is a personal and professional development toolkit for the high-performance leader—into other products and services. We'll keep our tricks up our sleeves, but for a general idea you can stay tuned for a book club, workshops and plenty more.
Better Life Planner 2017 is beautifully designed and organized, providing you the tools to accomplish almost 2000 goals within the year and capture 365 things that you're grateful for.
Establish your 5 main goals for the year, why you want to accomplish these goals, and then break them down into attainable mini-goals. No more breaking your New Years resolutions!
The planner uses positive psychology techniques to keep you inspired every day, rewiring your brain to become the optimist you've always wanted to be.
Plan your big projects for the year using our project planning pages. Break the project down into tasks, write or sketch your inspiration and determine the overall cost.
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