100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project is an initiative I learned about through Twitter user Elle Luna, but there are other variations of it such as this one which began August 24th. The goal of the 100 Day Project is this: choose one creative thing and do it every day for 100 days.

My 100 days was essentially my summer in Toronto. I took it as a challenge to get out every day and discover something new, or rediscover something I had seen or done before - but in a different light - and photograph it. My rules for myself were that the photos didn't have to be perfect (they're pretty much all taken from my phone), they just had to be in the moment. In fact, a few of the photos are taken of me since this is more of a photo documentation.

I started sharing my photos on Instagram under #MyTorontoDiscoveries but decided partway through I wanted it to be more personal and then I would share the highlights in a more creative way at the end. Below are some of my favourite photos, a collage of all 100 photos, and some experimentations with the photos, typography and colours.

A building in my neighbourhood.
A foggy day downtown.
A view from the base of the CN Tower.
Old meets new.
The view from a friend's condo on a very windy day.
The skyline at sunset.
The ROM.
Neon light wall installation inside of an entrance to Hudson's Bay at the Eaton Centre.
A glass dome at Northern District Library.
One of the many views from the top of the CN tower.
The outside of Berkeley Church.
A stain glass dome inside the Hockey Hall of Fame created in 1885.
The ceiling at 181 Bay Street.
The view from my favourite outdoor lunch spot.
Looking up through the sunroof of a car on a highway.
Lilac season!
Flowers from a local florist.
One of my favourite pieces of graffiti art downtown.
The inside of Berkeley Church.
The clock tower at Nathan Phillips Square.
The inside of Berkeley Church.
One of my favourite pieces of this year's OCAD graduate exhibition.
An art series installation at 181 Bay Street.
Work field trip to the Island - view from the ferry.
My first ever Blue Jays Game!
Roy Thompson Hall.
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